Client Summary


Aeropress, a globally recognized brand among coffee enthusiasts, faced a pivotal challenge after a recent rebranding initiative aimed at expanding its market reach beyond dedicated coffee lovers. The main pain point centered on the website's failure to resonate with a broader audience, particularly those unfamiliar with the intricacies of coffee culture. This lack of understanding about Aeropress and its value proposition among non-coffee enthusiasts significantly hampered conversion rates.


Taking charge strategically, I initiated quantitative user research to validate the hypotheses presented by the Aeropress team. Through an exhaustive examination of heatmaps, scroll maps, user recordings, and a myriad of charts, a critical insight emerged—98% of their traffic was dropping off in the initial stages of the user journey. This revelation underscored the imperative need to enhance brand and product communication to bridge the gap for non-coffee pros. This data-driven revelation paved the way for a targeted solution aimed at refining Aeropress's online narrative to captivate a broader audience and improve conversion rates.