Meet Andrés: Senior UX Designer

Seasonal Senior UX and Product Design Expert with over 1,250+ projects under his belt. Specialties include Conversion Rate Optimization, User-Centric Design, Visual Design, Strategy, and Testing.


Trusted by Top Brands

Client Results


Increase in conversion rate. Compared to Y-o-Y.


Increase in conversion rate. Compared to Y-o-Y.


Increase in conversion rate. Compared to Y-o-Y.


Decrease in customer acquisition cost.

Past client metrics summarized. Results may vary.

“Andrés is a highly professional and enjoyable designer who guides teams in UX/UI best practices. He communicates and defends his design choices well, works efficiently, and delivers high-quality results quickly.”


What I Bring To The Table


In 8+ years, I've helped big and small brands hit their most important metrics, aligning with their overall OKRs.


After auditing 1,250+ brands, a good sense of what success looks like has been engraved into my skillset.

Design Eye

Part of my DNA is pixel-perfect designs. A powerful website needs not only good strategy, but also jaw-dropping visuals.

Cultural Fit

Widely known as a very friendly person, I try to inject energy into any workspace.

Design broken down into digestible suggestions.

Pitching designs to stakeholders can be frustrating, which is why all designs are broken down into digestible suggestions that can help communicate the "why" behind design decisions.


OKR-Driven Redesign Process


Initial Audit

We collaborate on a couple of discovery sessions to identify any possible indicator of what's hurting your conversions.