Project Summary


Habibi New York, a purveyor of luxury perfumes, faced a critical issue with its online presence. Despite the brand's dedication to luxury, the website failed to exude the opulence associated with its products. This incongruence not only undermined the carefully curated brand image but also manifested in suboptimal conversion rates. The initial user interaction with the old website not only failed to captivate the audience but, more detrimentally, cast a shadow over the brand's essence.


In addressing Habibi New York's challenge of aligning its online presence with its luxury brand identity, I spearheaded a transformative solution as a CRO Strategist. Commencing with a meticulous data analysis utilizing Google Analytics, Shopify Analytics, and Hotjar, I crafted informed hypotheses to guide the strategic direction. Orchestrating a creative overhaul (including product photography), I ensured the redesigned aesthetic seamlessly integrated with the brand's luxury persona. Crucially, every design decision was underpinned by CRO principles, optimizing screens for enhanced conversions, average order values, and reduced drop-off rates. The resultant website not only visually captured the essence of luxury but also demonstrated a measurable impact on key performance metrics, showcasing my ability to harmonize data-driven insights with strategic leadership for tangible business success.