Client Summary


Nailboo, deeply committed to improving conversion rates, found itself inadvertently compromising its brand perception. The intense focus on tactical improvements overshadowed the importance of aesthetics, a crucial factor in the Beauty & Cosmetics industry. This misalignment posed a threat to Nailboo's standing in a sector where visual appeal plays a pivotal role.


Stepping in to recalibrate Nailboo's strategy, I facilitated the development of a refined web branding identity that harmonized seamlessly with user expectations, all while maintaining a strong focus on conversion rate optimization. This comprehensive solution encompassed strategic photography direction, brand definition, and a holistic UI design overhaul. The result was a web presence that not only exuded beauty and uniqueness but also retained a laser focus on enhancing conversion rates. Through this harmonious fusion, Nailboo achieved a balance between aesthetic appeal and strategic optimization, positioning itself as a standout player in the Beauty & Cosmetics industry.