Client Summary


Following significant success on Amazon, The Only Bean recognized the need to establish a robust Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) presence. Central to this transition was the imperative to effectively convert top-of-funnel traffic, a challenge compounded by the absence of dedicated landing pages.


In response to this challenge, I formulated a comprehensive Product Strategy aimed at precisely targeting cold traffic generated through ads. The strategic approach focused on educating users about the unique selling points of The Only Bean's product, creating a narrative that resonated with potential customers in the early stages of their journey. The outcome was not just a functional landing page but a visually stunning one. Meticulously crafted to align with The Only Bean's brand identity, the landing page was not only aesthetically pleasing but also high-performing in converting top-of-funnel traffic. This strategic fusion of product strategy and design not only marked The Only Bean's entry into the DTC space but did so with an impactful and visually compelling brand narrative.